What Our Customers Are Saying

Hey!!! So I need to let you know how obsessed I am with the SucaQ!! It was one of those packages where I already had washed my face that morning but got my package & ripped it open to use right away!! It’s amazing & truly something I’ve been looking for in a tool for a long time. The scrubber end really makes a difference when using my lip scrubs! I don’t have to use half as much product to get even better results than I got using my hands. & I know my boyfriend might never admit it BUT he uses my my Lush lip scrub religiously too. When I came back into town from vaca he said to me “Babe, that lip scrub is awesome!” & I was like “I didn’t get anything new in there!” & he pokes his head out of the bathroom with the SucaQ & goes “No this thing!! Very good purchase!!” He’s always making fun of me for the products I buy but your Suca Q is boyfriend approved!

Also I cut my finger at work and only had one hand to wash my face with for a week & it was perfect timing with the SucaQ to come in the mail. Life changing.


Okay! I’ve been waiting to reply until I got to fully try it out. I’ve been enjoying my SucaQ so much! Today I found myself trying to come up with extra reasons just to use it!! 

I knew I’d like it, but I had no idea I’d love it as much as I do. It’s perfect. The bulb side is my favorite. It’s perfect for exfoliating and feels so good on the skin. I love the smooth edge of the bulb side on my under eye!!!

OH! And, less is more!! I was using was too much product before Suca. Now a small amount covers my whole face! 


I have had perpetually chapped lips for so long, no scrub or balm could fix them. I'm honestly so impressed with how gentle and minimally abrasive the bristles in the bulb are. The spatula end has also helped me get every bit of moisturizer from my jar that my fingers/nails could not. So happy with it. 

—Angela C.