The Q is essentially my beauty secret. Well, it’s definitely the tool that makes it possible for me to achieve my beauty secret.  Daily and effortlessly. 

Which is... don’t touch your face. 

“You have great skin...what do you put on your face? I want to buy everything you use”

People used to hound me for my product and regimen. They’d even call me for the name of my aesthetician (Gülçin). She’ll tell you though she can’t even take credit for my skin. 

Good form. I was taught at a young age to not touch my face with my finger tips. 

Old habits die hard or live forever I suppose. 

I use all types of product luxury, natural, organic, not organic... whatever works for your skin on that day. 

What I love about The Q is it’s versatility, for sure. 


Inventor, Founder 

Azúcar// Suca 

In Spanish sugar is pronounced azúcar. 

What does sugar have to do with this tool?

I was being my bratty self shopping for a lip sugar scrub... because Gülçin told me I needed one in my regimen “exfoliate your lip every day”

I immediately asked for an applicator to purchase and got offered a plastic spatula or Q tip.  That obviously was not going to work. 

I figured I’d have to buy a boujie one online and call it s day.

V shortly I found myself on YouTube watching so many people exfoliate their lips with cheap plastic toothbrushes. 

You know, the ones you can’t recycle and they end up in our oceans along with disposable spatulas and other plastic junk!?

Ya girl was IN NEED. 

the world was. to be honest.

s u c a s k i n - regimen enhancement 

The goal was to be efficient while maintaining effectiveness. For the person on the go, the person who cares about pampering themselves responsibly, the one who appreciates mess free application, more for less. That type of thing 

Our brand is all about unique pieces & rare beauties... preserving with longevity. 

Bringing waste awareness to the beauty industry with innovative tools designed to minimize the amount of waste used to simply apply or test a product.